Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steve Stricker: Steal My Feel Golf Instruction:

Steve Stricker: Steal My Feel Golf Instruction:

February 2011

My consistency off the tee really started to improve when I switched to a neutral grip, with the back of my left hand facing the target. My main focus now is trying to swing my left hand back into that position at impact.

You can see here that I'm in the process of taking my grip. The first thing I do is point the back of my left hand to my target. Then I grip the club with my right hand. If I set my hands on the club like this and the clubface is square behind the ball, then I have a neutral grip. From there, I try to feel as if I'm returning my left hand at impact so it faces the target again (right).
If you prefer a weaker or stronger grip but still want to focus on accuracy, check the position of your left hand at address when the clubface is square. Then try to match that hand position at impact. You'll deliver a square face for straighter tee shots.

STEVE STRICKER, No. 5 in the World Golf Ranking, has won nine times on the PGA Tour.

I like this idea presented here by Steve Stricker and Golf Digest especially at this time of the year when the snow is starting to melt in Chicago.  This will help people find more fairways to start off the season for a couple of reasons:  #1. It will make you inadvertently shorten your swing a little, and #2. this will help your hands and wrists deliver the club back to square and hit it straight.

This is a nice idea for people to gravitate towards in the beginning of the year especially because it is not a "moving part idea" which are tough to incorporate and really tough to work on when you are really rusty and just really need to work on solid ball striking.

A few more days of this warm weather and I would not doubt that a couple of courses around here might try to get the golf season going early!  

Good Luck and God Bless You and Your Game!

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