Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ben Hogan's 'Modern Fundamentals of Golf' - Instruction -

Ben Hogan's 'Modern Fundamentals of Golf' - Instruction -

"Ben Hogan's Modern Fundamentals of Golf, a classic of golf instruction, first ran as a series in Sports Illustrated in 1957. (He wrote it with Herbert Warren Wind.) The magazine described it this way: 'The greatest golfer of our time has distilled all of his knowledge, his experience aid his perceptions into five extraordinary lessons which he believes will enable the average golfer to shoot in the 70s. Beginning with this issue and continuing for the next four, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is privileged to present the fruits of Hogan's wisdom.' Below are the articles from the series:"

If you have never read this book, you are either:

A.  Someone who cannot read.
B.  Someone who sort of likes golf ...
C.  Excited about bogeys.
D.  Or don't know what you are missing.

If you love golf and enjoy playing well.  You simply must read this book, but once you do, you can never go back.  It's a little bit like going into the Matrix ... but in a good way!

Good Luck in your golf and God Bless!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

10 Rules From Bubba Watson: Golf Digest

10 Rules From Bubba Watson: Golf Digest:

"6. Tee Off Like You Just Made Bogey
We all get a little angry at times after making a dumb bogey or double. How many times when that happens do we just get up on the next hole and rip it down the middle? A lot. The reason is, you're so distracted by being mad that you don't strategize too much or get balled up with swing mechanics. Try to hit every tee shot that way. Use emotion more than thought. It's amazing how your body will respond to plain old desire."

Thanks Golf Digest and Bubba for this article.  This is a good fun article for a few reasons!

1.  I love golf.
2.  I like Bubba and his have fun attitude, he is a guy I think would be a lot of fun to tee it up with.  Although I'd probably need a few holes to get used to someone hitting it past me.
3.  Chicks Dig The Long Ball!  At least that's what the subtitle was in the May 2000 article in Maximum Golf that I did about how to hit it longer.  Ahhh good times, good times!

Let's be honest, it's flat out fun to nail it!  I hope this year is your best year for driving the ball ever.  I plan to devote the bulk of my posts this golf season to driving the ball so look for more Bubba and more tips on crushing it throughout the season.

Yours Truly,
Big Dog

10 Rules From Bubba Watson Golf Instruction:

10 Rules From Bubba Watson Golf Instruction:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bubba Watson wows crowd with trick shots at Quail Hollow - Press Tent

Bubba Watson wows crowd with trick shots at Quail Hollow - Press Tent:
"CHARLOTTE, N.C.—On the fourth green early Wednesday morning at Quail Hollow, Bubba Watson turned his back to the hole, putted the ball up a big slope and watched it trickle back down toward the hole.
The crowd started cheering as the ball inched closer and closer to the hole. Watson pulled out the flagstick, stuck his arms in the air and smiled when the ball found the bottom of the cup.
“I was just being dumb,” Watson said after the pro-am. “I knew it was going to come back to the hole. I didn’t think I could make it, and make it on the first try, but somehow it went in.”
What Watson calls “being dumb” is another way of saying he’s just trying to have fun. And it’s a key reason why he’s won three times in the last year, earned a spot on last year’s U.S. Ryder Cup team and now sits at No. 10 in the World Golf Rankings."

Bubba, God Bless you man, you are a good dude that understands that life is not a dress rehearsal and it's ok to show emotion, have fun, and make people smile. Along the way your efforts might not be perfect and not everyone will have fun or share the same emotion, but, a good friend of mine reminds me that the only perfect person on the planet who ever lived died on a cross so the rest of us don't have to be perfect. So Bubba, you are an inspiration and a great big smile producing friend to many and let us all never forget that in the end it is about having fun and giving effort, not being perfect.

Happy Golfing to everyone in the beginning of this great 2011 golfing season nationwide!