Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From the C.H.O. - A Great Video to Make You Feel Good ... Which Might Make You Play Good Too!

A big part of having success in golf is being happy and confident.  When you feel good physically, and you feel good in your heart and in your head, and when you have a smile on your face ... who cares what your score is right?  I know when I am smiling, I am happy, relaxed, and confident.  If I am smiling and relaxed the odds are great that I will hit it close, make the putt, or hit a really nice long drive.  So either way you win right - If you are happy your score does not matter and if you are happy most likely your scores will be better.  Win Win!

So, watch this video.  It will make you smile and make you feel good.  Click the Friday Spoing Link Below.

Friday Spoing!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kodak Swing in HD - Callaway Golf:en-US:Special Offers:Kodak Swing in HD

This is the greatest deal in golf right now for sure. My two favorite things (Callaway Drivers and my Kodak Pocket HD Video Camera) in a buy one get one free deal.

If you scroll down in my blog to the post that shows my driver swing, the still frames of my swing were taken with my Kodak Pocket Video Camera that I bought in December. I bought one of these Kodak HD Pocket Video Cameras when my daughter was born to capture her and her brother smiling, laughing etc. I thought it was the greatest thing I ever bought, now you can get one free. This camera is really awesome because it is so super easy for me to take pictures or video my kids when I am at home or golfers during a lesson. It is super easy to download the pictures and videos to my computer ... super easy, and like I did, you can actually take a video and break the video down frame by frame to analyze your swing. So the free part of this deal is super good, the part you pay for is even better. The Callaway Driver line up this year is not only the best Drivers that Callaway has ever made but also the best line up of drivers on the market right now from any manufacturer. So, if you are thinking about upgrading your driver this year, you are lucky because you truly can't beat this deal. Click on the link below and let me know if you need help getting one these great drivers and taking advantage of this great offer from Callaway.

Have a great day!


Kodak Swing in HD - Callaway Golf:en-US:Special Offers:Kodak Swing in HD

Thursday, April 22, 2010

BBC SPORT | Golf | Oliver Wilson's guide to chipping

This year in the 2010 Accenture World Match Play Championships it came as a suprise to some people that Oliver Wilson beat Miguel Jimenez in the 1st Round, Rory McIlroy in the 2nd Round, and Luke Donald in the 3rd Round before finally losing to Sergio Garcia 4 & 3 in the Quarter Finals. Many people are also suprised to hear that Oliver Wilson was a member of the 2008 European Ryder Cup Team.

Well, with Oliver simply laying back and enjoying his relaxed profile, it's no shock that he brings a nice relaxed style to this lesson about hitting high soft pitch shots. Perfecting the shot he shows you here is a matter of 3 ingredients in my opinion.

Ingredient #1. Proper Method
Ingredient #2. Trust To Open The ClubFace and Take A Bigger Swing
Ingredient #3. Practice That Involves The Proper Method, and Gaining Confidence and Trust In The Shot

BBC SPORT Golf Oliver Wilson's guide to chipping

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 Secrets to Holing More Putts - full - Instruction - Golf.com

This is a really nice instruction article by Dave Stockton about better putting.

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Well I guess I am flattering Dave by putting this link to his article in my blog and in his article he flattered the late Ernest Jones.

Ernest Jones for those of you who do not know is revered by many Golf Professionals as the God Father of Modern Golf Instruction. In 1937, in his book Swinging Into Golf, Jones introduced the example that if you wrote your name without conciously thinking about it too much in a nice, easy, free flowing manner, your signature would look better and the process would be smoother than if you tried copying your name on to paper from a signature that you had previously written. Dave mentions this almost verbatim in the 5th point of his article.

The bottom line is, even though I believe that Dave got some of his material from a 73 year old book (that may be the finest golf book ever written), this information original and otherwise is still very much valid today. I think that your mental approach and physical/overall putting will be better after reading this article.

Dave's topics of discussion in this article are:
1.  Get A Better Read
2.  Get A Routine
3.  See The Line
4.  Stroke, Don't Hit
5.  Don't Try To Make It ... you have to read the article for this statement to make sense.
Click on the Link, Good Golfing to You, Good Putting to You, Good Luck, and God Bless!

5 Secrets to Holing More Putts - full - Instruction - Golf.com

Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Fix a Bad Driving Day - Instruction - Golf.com

If your driving goes south on you and you start getting too hung up on worrying if the ball will go left or right to the point that you are no longer swinging the club freely. Try this drill.

Thinking like this will give you the confidence to swing aggressively again, worry less, and stop hesitating.  IF you are not worried, and it is not in your head, but actually just simply in your swing.  Refer yourself to the post below as I explain what makes a driver swing ... A Good Driver Swing.  

Check out the link below if it is in your head, check out my previous posting if it is in your swing.

Thanks Golf Magazine for more great golf instruction ...

How to Fix a Bad Driving Day - Instruction - Golf.com

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brian Soczka, Driver Swing, 3-23-10

What makes my Driver Swing Work.

#1.  Set Up - My feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned to the target.  At address with the driver, I would like to see most any golfer's hands hanging comfortably somewhere close to under their chin.  At address my hands and arms are far enough away from my body to create a clear passage for them to swing but not too far away from my body to make me unbalanced.

#2.  Takeaway - typically when the club shaft gets to parallel to the ground you want the club shaft aligned to your target.  The club face angle at this point in the swing should match your spine angle and I am glad that mine does because if you take the club away so the club face is too closed (club face pointing at the ground) or too open, just this far into the backswing, it will throw off the entire swing and end results.

#3.  It's all about the angles.  In this point in the backswing, for consistency sake, there are two important things happening here.  First, I have retained the bend in my right leg, Second I have retained my posture position and have resisted standing up in the backswing.

#4.  A couple of great things are happening here at the top of my backswing.  The club shaft points down the line at my target, and my left arm is at about a 45 degree angle which shows a nice combination of "up" and "around" swinging of the club.  Folks who swing the club up too much and have their hands too high at the top of their backswing often have trouble getting the club face closed at impact and hit weak slices.  When people  get too much "around" in their swing (too flat) they'll often have a problem hooking the ball.

#5.  In the downswing there is too great things happening.  First, my club shaft is perfectly on plane pointing right towards the ball from this view.  Also, you can see my right heel rising which shows my weight starting to shift towards the target and into the ball as the club comes into impact.

#6.  Impact - You can see a lot of nice power here from my lower body and good balance.  A good indicator of a good powerful shot.  I did hit this one a long way right down the middle.

#7.  You can see here that even through impact I stayed down on the ball maintaining my posture position.  With a nice release of the club in a good mix of up and around on the other side of the swing, I've hit a long straight drive.

#8.  Finally in frame 8 and 9, you see me swing through all the way to a nice complete balanced finish.

Try to incorporate these good aspects of my driver swing into your driver swing for longer straighter drives.  Good Luck and Have Fun!