Monday, March 15, 2010

Camilo having Fun and Ernie full of Hope.

Last week Camilo Villegas won Honda Classic and then credited his new positive outlook, having more fun, and being fully commited to his game as the reason for his victory.

Camilo said, "After some analysis, I believe I was being too hard on myself. I wasn't treating myself like I treat people. One day, I said, 'If somebody treats me like I treat myself, I would just have a problem with that.' That's when I realized, just take it easy man, have fun. There's a lot of people wanting to play this game for a living. It's harder than a lot of people think. But I love it, so I've got to enjoy it."

Two weeks ago the April 2010 issue of Golf Digest came out with an article titled Every Body Loves ErnieThis week at Doral in The World Golf Championship Ernie won by four shots

This victory makes everything he said in the Golf Digest Article ring a little louder.  In the article, Ernie said "I wasn't very easy going for a couple of years, but I'm really starting to enjoy myself again."  "I do still love golf ... Even more so now that my family's getting legs."  To paraphrase Ernie, His son is touched quite severely by autism, but with the help his son is getting now, Ernie believes that his son is going to improve, improve on the things that are not easy for people with autism like fitting in, relating to others, things of this nature, and more.  The things that every parent wants for their child. 

The whole article really feels like it is drenched with Hope, Calm, and Peace.  With Ernie's Athletic Posture, Fluid Swing, and revitalized outlook on Family, Life, and Golf, this win makes perfect sense.

These last two victories by Camilo and Ernie show me that indeed, in life and golf, it is as much Attitude as it is Aptitude. 

Congratulations Camilo and Ernie on your Positive Examples and your Great Golf!

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