Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Louis Oosthuizen Golf Swing

Did you ever see such a smooth looking golf swing.  No jerking of th body, just turning and swinging.  Talk about Solid Contact time after time after time, being able to see this video of Louis I understand why he hits it so solid.  Like Arnold Palmer's advice below (from Golf Digest) that I previously posted in a May 27th post to this blog.  If a good grip is the 1st Fundamental in Golf, then keeping your head still is the 2nd Most Important Fundamental in Golf.  If this King thinks this is important and Louis hits it like a machine like this then my advice is work on this fantastic fundamental and watch your ball striking improve and your scores go low.  

Good Golfing and God Bless,


Arnold Palmer's Timeless Tips

Getting comfortable over the ball is a big part of keeping your head still: If you've got nice balance and your feet are good and firm, you have a far better chance to do it. Relaxation is part of it: If your body movements flow free and easy, there's no physical force to pull you off your axis. But it's mostly a matter of concentration: You've just got to be determined to hold steady.
If a proper grip is the first fundamental in golf, then keeping your head steady is the next.

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