Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Believing in yourself and your game!

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are usually right."    I think that Mr. Ford was right.

The Spirit of Golf  http://www.myspiritofgolf.com  reminds us of all the things we know down deep.  I really like some of the thoughts being produced and shared by The Spirit of Golf because it relates to life almost as easily as you could put it into practice with golf.  It also feels like they draw their good examples from a Higher Level.  Use these Ten Principles for some great and peaceful golf the next time you get the chance.


Principle #10: There must be belief and a self-convincing before our golf shots end up where we want them to go.
Principle #9: We can have, do or be anything we want and desire, provided we adhere to the self-convincing part of Principle # 10.
Principle #8: All of our power is in the present moment; the here and Now.
Principle #7: Negative emotion and suffering invariably arise whenever we have a disagreement with Principle # 8 (and argue with what already is).
Principle #6: There cannot be an unhappy ending to a happy journey. And there cannot be a happy ending to an unhappy one.
Principle #5: Everything we see around us in physical form is created and imagined in thought form first.  How it appears is how we imagine it - consciously or unconsciously - to be.
Principle #4: There is not enough action in the Universe to compensate for unhappy or misguided thinking. This is because of Principle # 5.
Principle #3: We cannot undo the powerful momentum or force of a thought - the only way to negate it is to begin thinking something else.
Principle #2: Things are thoughts and thoughts are things.
Principle #1: In time, with enough intensity and repetition, we manifest and attract into our lives whatever we focus upon. 

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