Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tips Plus: Mark Blackburn (August 2010)

When Mark Blackburn speaks people listen. When Mark was featured in Golf Digest this year he explained proper athleticism and rotary movement of the body to swing the club.  I had been using these ideas already in my teaching and to his credit, his article in Golf Digest gave my instruction all that much more credibility. Mark understands the how to get the downswing started, how to get your body and club through impact, and how this makes the club swing.

What I really like from this video is that he identifies what most amateurs don't realize and what confuses many instructors. Simply put, the One Swing Does Not Fit All, not all golfers for sure but what I really mean is each golfer has to have different swings.  As Mark mentions, he gets his weight behind the ball on the backswing with his driver but stays over the ball with a short iron.

Your driver swing is different than other swings because the ball is up in the air on a tee which forces encourages you to play it much farther forward than with any other club. When you are using a fairway wood, hybrid, or long iron the ball has to be just ahead of the middle of your stance, a little forward of center helps to sweep the ball off of the ground and up into the air while keeping it still near the middle of your stance helps create solid contact.  With shorter irons you want to make sure that the ball is behind your sternum to ensure solid contact and to make sure you don't hit it fat, with these shorter irons, depending upon your setup in order for the ball to be behind your sternum the ball will need to be positioned just behind the middle of your stance.

Use these tips here from me and the video from Mark Blackburn to create better ball striking with all of your clubs.

Good Luck, Stay Motivated, and God Bless!


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