Friday, February 12, 2010

Driver Swing Sequence: Ernie Els Swing Sequences:

Ernie Els' Swing Sequence & My Method of Teaching Golf.

If you ever find yourself searching for some answers for your swing. You cold do worse than by taking a gander at Ernie Els' Swing Sequence. I particularily like this swing and would encourage anyone to study it.

I found myself studying swings this morning in search of common bonds between great ball strikers. Particularily I was comparing the following: Set-Up, First Move from the Ball, and the transition area (top of the backswing). The great thing about these still frames of Ernie is that we can examine all parts of his swing, just like I try do do when I begin a golf lesson.  You see, when I teach, I'll almost always begin the lesson the same way. After introductions etc. I'll have the student chip 5-10 balls twenty yards, then have them hit a few full swings with a PW, then a few full swings with a 6 or 7 iron, sometimes a few hybrids, and then enough drivers for me to have made a proper diagnosis of the very best place to begin improving that students ball striking and overall game. When you are a real doctor or a swing doctor like me, you don't want to miss the diagnosis and give people medicine that they don't need. Prescribing the wrong medicine may make the patient (golfer) worse or at the very least delay them from getting better. So, I always use this Pre Shot (Pre Diagnosis) Routine for Teaching to make sure I don't jump to judgement to quickly about the primary and secondary problems in students swing.

During this "Pre Diagnosis Routine" I get to see how well they hit these different clubs and now I also have time to check their: Grip, Posture, Stance/Alignment, Weight distribution, Takeaway, Turn, Weight Shift, Concentration, Clubhead Speed, Hinge, Impact, Release, Swing Plane, Swing Path, Ball Flight, Angle of Attack, How they Bottom Out, and their Finish. So, just like when we urge you to use a pre shot routine to make sure you have prepared properly to hit the shot your best, as a teacher of golf, I use a Pre Diagnosis Routine to make sure I have prepared my best to diagnose and treat your golf swing.

Having you hit a range of different clubs gives me a chance to see you hit enough shots to check all the important components of the swing but also it allows me to see you hit these different shots: Chipping, Full Swing From The Fairway, and Driving The Ball. Getting to see these different shots is so important because as you know, some people can drive the ball but can't hit irons well, some people have a good full swing but a bad short game, and some people could really really benefit by just being able to get off the tee better. Chipping, Irons, or Driver, whatever the student needs the most improvement with, and whatever component of the swing needs the most help can now be addressed and the student will be on their way to better golf and lower scores.  They can achieve success now if they will work to bring the prescribed habits into their swing and work to force the bad habits out of their swing.  A doctor can diagnose an infection in a person but it might never improve unless that person takes all of the prescribed medicine, just like a good teacher can show a student how to get better but in the end the student still has to be the one to incorporate the necessary improvements to their swing.

 To Summarize all of this I have named my Style of Golf Instruction, THE "READY SET GO" METHOD.

In My Method of Teaching Golf, I'd breakdown the swing into three parts.   1. Ready  2. Set   3.  Go

The First Picture of Ernie at Set Up is READY. 
The next two pictures of the initial takeaway and top of the backswing are SET.
The Action in the Swing ... The Downswing, Impact, Release, and Finish are GO.

Are you READY for some Great Golf in 2010?

Driver Swing Sequence: Ernie Els Swing Sequences:

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