Thursday, February 4, 2010

World Golf Tour is a Great Computer Golf Game

Click or follow the link to the World Golf Tour website. You get to play a golf video game on some of the nicest courses in the world and if you get really good you can win a SkyCaddie GPS Yardage device. I just started playing and it is fun and can be a little frustrating too, kind of like real golf. I think when you play more and earn more points, you can get better clubs and a cooler looking avatar etc, or you can just buy your game but who would do that? Enjoy the game and enjoy the Superbowl, I like both the Colts and the Saints, may the best team win.

Also, if you see someone on the top of the Leaderboard on the WGT with the username ELSFAN, that is me. I think Ernie seems to be a pretty stand up guy, he's always had a swing I've admired, and I think this might be his year to win the Masters.

Finally, take the Tutorial on how to play before you start, it takes a couple of minutes to go through and it will help a bunch. None of it is complicated unless you don't know what you are doing. Swinging the darn club is simple, put the cursor on the swing line, until it says swing, then raise it towards the player while your backswing goes back as far as you want, then click to let it go, then click again right in the middle to make it go straight.

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