Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kodak Swing in HD - Callaway Golf:en-US:Special Offers:Kodak Swing in HD

This is the greatest deal in golf right now for sure. My two favorite things (Callaway Drivers and my Kodak Pocket HD Video Camera) in a buy one get one free deal.

If you scroll down in my blog to the post that shows my driver swing, the still frames of my swing were taken with my Kodak Pocket Video Camera that I bought in December. I bought one of these Kodak HD Pocket Video Cameras when my daughter was born to capture her and her brother smiling, laughing etc. I thought it was the greatest thing I ever bought, now you can get one free. This camera is really awesome because it is so super easy for me to take pictures or video my kids when I am at home or golfers during a lesson. It is super easy to download the pictures and videos to my computer ... super easy, and like I did, you can actually take a video and break the video down frame by frame to analyze your swing. So the free part of this deal is super good, the part you pay for is even better. The Callaway Driver line up this year is not only the best Drivers that Callaway has ever made but also the best line up of drivers on the market right now from any manufacturer. So, if you are thinking about upgrading your driver this year, you are lucky because you truly can't beat this deal. Click on the link below and let me know if you need help getting one these great drivers and taking advantage of this great offer from Callaway.

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Kodak Swing in HD - Callaway Golf:en-US:Special Offers:Kodak Swing in HD

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