Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brian Soczka, Driver Swing, 3-23-10

What makes my Driver Swing Work.

#1.  Set Up - My feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned to the target.  At address with the driver, I would like to see most any golfer's hands hanging comfortably somewhere close to under their chin.  At address my hands and arms are far enough away from my body to create a clear passage for them to swing but not too far away from my body to make me unbalanced.

#2.  Takeaway - typically when the club shaft gets to parallel to the ground you want the club shaft aligned to your target.  The club face angle at this point in the swing should match your spine angle and I am glad that mine does because if you take the club away so the club face is too closed (club face pointing at the ground) or too open, just this far into the backswing, it will throw off the entire swing and end results.

#3.  It's all about the angles.  In this point in the backswing, for consistency sake, there are two important things happening here.  First, I have retained the bend in my right leg, Second I have retained my posture position and have resisted standing up in the backswing.

#4.  A couple of great things are happening here at the top of my backswing.  The club shaft points down the line at my target, and my left arm is at about a 45 degree angle which shows a nice combination of "up" and "around" swinging of the club.  Folks who swing the club up too much and have their hands too high at the top of their backswing often have trouble getting the club face closed at impact and hit weak slices.  When people  get too much "around" in their swing (too flat) they'll often have a problem hooking the ball.

#5.  In the downswing there is too great things happening.  First, my club shaft is perfectly on plane pointing right towards the ball from this view.  Also, you can see my right heel rising which shows my weight starting to shift towards the target and into the ball as the club comes into impact.

#6.  Impact - You can see a lot of nice power here from my lower body and good balance.  A good indicator of a good powerful shot.  I did hit this one a long way right down the middle.

#7.  You can see here that even through impact I stayed down on the ball maintaining my posture position.  With a nice release of the club in a good mix of up and around on the other side of the swing, I've hit a long straight drive.

#8.  Finally in frame 8 and 9, you see me swing through all the way to a nice complete balanced finish.

Try to incorporate these good aspects of my driver swing into your driver swing for longer straighter drives.  Good Luck and Have Fun!

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