Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From the C.H.O. - A Great Video to Make You Feel Good ... Which Might Make You Play Good Too!

A big part of having success in golf is being happy and confident.  When you feel good physically, and you feel good in your heart and in your head, and when you have a smile on your face ... who cares what your score is right?  I know when I am smiling, I am happy, relaxed, and confident.  If I am smiling and relaxed the odds are great that I will hit it close, make the putt, or hit a really nice long drive.  So either way you win right - If you are happy your score does not matter and if you are happy most likely your scores will be better.  Win Win!

So, watch this video.  It will make you smile and make you feel good.  Click the Friday Spoing Link Below.

Friday Spoing!

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