Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Grateful Dead-Touch of Gray-Shoreline Amphitheatre

Jack Nicklaus has said that when he won golf tournaments he used to get a song in his head and sing that song in his head or whistle that song throughout the whole round.  This way when he made a birdie he'd just whistle that song, and try not to get ahead of himself so he could "stay in the present".  Having one song stuck in his head basically on repaly helped him to stay in a consistent mood and not let the pressure of tournament golf throw his game out of whack.  Likewise when he made mistakes and bogeys or worse he'd keep that song in his head and while he whistled it, it would help him to "stay in the present" and not be upset about the mistake he had just made.  After all, what he needed to do was concentrate on each shot and stay in the present, not be mad about the mistake on the last hole or get too happy about a birdie and lose focus.  Jack just wanted to be successfully pleasant.  So, with regards to this good mental approach to tournament golf I thought I'd give you a very pleasant song to help you "get by" and work through the pressures of your next tournament round.

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