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What's YOUR Major? - Instruction -

What's YOUR Major? - Instruction -

Ok Everyone, This is some really good stuff. Dave Pelz is running a contest, the winners will be selected from a 250 word essay about "What your most important tournament you'll play is this year and why it is important to you".   The winner of this contest will get Dave to come to their course to work with them on site where they play their tournament rounds. 

I attended a two-day PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit in 2005 presented by Dave Pelz.  Not only is Dave super smart and a lot (not all) of what he teaches I believe to be absolutely true, but also he is a regular guy that is very easy to talk to and is truly a quality gentleman.  I believe that every golf could learn a lot from him and I certainly have.  

Click on the link for all the info from Golf Magazines Website and or read below.

Over the last 30 years I've walked many major championship courses with dozens of PGA and LPGA Tour professionals, coaching and trying to help them prepare for their majors. I'm very fortunate to have been successful with nine of these golfers, who between them have claimed a total of 17 major titles. Each of these victories has its own story, both in the way each player prepared for the event and, more important, in what I learned from those incredible experiences.
My goal now is to take that knowledge and apply it to some of my most important students: Golf Magazine's readers.
While you may never get the chance to vie for a Green Jacket or tee it up at Pebble Beach during U.S. Open week like the pros will be doing this June, you certainly have at least one event circled on your calendar that you're dying to win. This is your personal major, and over the next four months, and through a special contest offered by Golf Magazine, I'd like to help you win it using the type of advice I lend my more famous students.
My question to you is: What's your major? What's the most important tournament you'll play in this year, and why is it so important to you? Answer these questions in 250 words or less and e-mail your entry to You may win a free three-day session at a Dave Pelz Scoring Game School, and another prize you can't refuse: I'll come and personally meet with you at your major course to help you prepare for and play your best in your most important tournament of the year. (Contest rules and prizes are detailed below.)
That's right — this fall (or next spring or summer), I'll fly in and meet you a week or so before your major at the course you're going to play and help you get ready to play your best in it! That's my promise to you if you win the "What's YOUR Major?" contest. You tell Golf Magazine why the tournament is so important to you, and if you win, I'll be there to help you prepare for it!
Over the next four months I'll give you an overview of how you can prepare for your major tournament:
At four months before your major:
You'll analyze the course to learn how it's going to attack your game, as well as its three primary weaknesses.
At three months before your major:
I'll show you how to practice the shots you'll need most for the tournament.
At two months before your major:
I'll help you improve your ability to get up and down, groove a better putting touch, and eliminate your three weakest shots.
At one month before your major:
You'll learn how to split your practice time equally into four key areas. If you want to play your best this year, let's do the preparation together.
Grand Prize Winner
• A preparation session with Dave Pelz on the course where winner's major will be played
• One three-day enrollment in a Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
• Tickets to one of the four majors in 2011
• A set of four Pelz Wedges (custom fit at school)
• One PELZ O-Ball Putter (custom fit at school) plus one dozen O-Balls
Runners-up (4)
• 10-year subscription to Golf Magazine
• One enrollment for one-day Dave Pelz Scoring Game Clinic

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