Saturday, June 5, 2010

Release and Recoil for Longer Drives | Videos |

Release and Recoil for Longer Drives Videos

You know how some people come out of their swing coming into the ball and they hit it "not so good". Well I know some folks like that.

This video from Mike Malaska is pretty darn good because he says two things ...

1.  Release the club ... Don't just swing the club head back, swing it through too.
2.  Transfer your weight into the ball and towards the target (into your left leg for a right handed golfer).  You can check if you are driving your right side into your left leg by seeing if you can have a balanced recoil (see the video). 

So , bottom line, by pivoting your hips, straightening your left leg, and pushing off your right leg, coming into the ball you will get a balanced weight shift which will help for top power and proper contact.  Additionally by releasing the club through the ball you will harness all of the clubhead speed you need to play great and hit it past your friends.

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