Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anna Rawson: Real Simple Tips: Golf Digest

What a simple, all important, and perfect short piece of instruction here from Anna Rawson featured on I've always believed that Great Balance affords a player greater clubhead speed and centerness of contact. Aside from Yoga stretching and stengthening exercises, good balance is most easily achieved by keeping our head over our lower body, not outside of our lower body. Since our heads are attached to our bodies, if we keep our heads still our body can stay where it needs to be to swing properly. If your head is moving, it will move your neck, shoulders, and arms along with it out of the intended backswing and impact positions necessary for your best golf.

A nice relaxed neck, still head, and good eye contact on the Back of the Ball can really help your Driver Contact, Accuracy, and Distance. Please read Anna's article below. For more helpful instruction, click on the link to Golf Digest for her full article.

Anna Rawson: Real Simple Tips: Golf Digest:
Keep your head still

My best finishes on the LPGA Tour have come when I've played thinking about one thing: keeping my head steady. I know it moves laterally a bit, but trying to keep it in place helps me make a smooth swing -- and it gives me the best chance of hitting the ball flush. Think about it: If you make a wild swing, there's no way you're keeping your head still. With the driver, I set up with my head behind the ball and try to make sure it doesn't move ahead of it. If you look at the best players in the world, their head movement is so quiet.
I really think this is crucial to hitting the narrowest fairways. Try it if you need more control off the tee."

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