Friday, January 8, 2010

Great Goals For Golf!

My Goal for 2010 is to have a daily meaningful post about: playing golf, the golf swing, golf tips, golf fitness, ideas on golf, and post about the world of golf in general. I have so many ideas I want to share about swinging the golf club, and I think a picture is worth a thousand words but I have not mastered the art of posting videos of swings on here yet ...

My starting point about swinging the golf club for 2010 is that so many swings are different on the PGA Tour but still all of these very different swings help to provide these tour players very low scores. The swings of Stewart Cink, Chris DiMarco, and Zach Johnson prove my point. I'll need to download their swings to my blog for us to really see, but, by showing that all swings are different, it gives all golfers hope that there is no such thing as a perfect swing and therefore no reason to try to make your swing "perfect". This should help players swing freely to hit their golf ball to the target more successfully.

Look for my blog to be a really great golf place to visit daily in 2010.

Also, my daughter Abigail is 10 days old today, I'll post some photos her and my favorite golfer (my 3 year old son Alex) soon.

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