Wednesday, January 13, 2010 - January 12, 2010: Charles Woodson Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 12 - January 12, 2010: Charles Woodson Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 12

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I've included this post for a few reasons:
#1. Charles Woodson is a great guy, I've had the pleasure of meeting him and he is very upbeat, happy, and modest.
#2. I love my family and friends, I love Golf, and I love the Green Bay Packers. In that order.
#3. In this article where Charles Woodson talks about accepting the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, he talks about gratitude for the award, gratitude for the Packers, and a desire to be even better and win a Super Bowl through continued hard work in the off season to be even better for the next football season.

In this off season from golf hopefully we can work to make this upcoming season better through the following:
#1. Improve your diet for better health, energy, and weight loss - which may give you more stamina to help you finish the round as well as you start it.

#2. Stretch and Strengthen your body daily with Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise to give yourself more clubhead speed, longer shots, and lower scores in 2010.

#3. Follow my blog, read books, read magazines etc. in effort to learn more about hitting quality golf shots and simplify your thoughts about the golf swing. Simply put, in the golf swing, we want to ... START THE GOLF BALL TOWARD OUR TARGET BECAUSE OF A SQUARE CLUB FACE, WE WANT TO AVOID PUTTING SIDE SPIN ON THE BALL (CURVING THE BALL AWAY FROM OUR TARGET) BY SWINGING THE CLUB INTO THE BALL WITH A STRAIGHT CLUB PATH (INSIDE TO INSIDE PATH), WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE CENTER CONTACT ON THE CLUB FACE, AND MAXIMIZE CLUB HEAD SPEED.

Square Club Face, Straight Club Path, Solid Contact, Maximum Club Head Speed.

These are the things we will all work to improve on in our full swing in 2010. I look forward, day by day, to explaining how to achieve these four premium parts of A Very Good Golf Swing.

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