Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How To Make More Putts.

A few years ago I attended a PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit with Dave Pelz. Dave was a really great speaker who really kept the attention of the audience. He was very nice and seemed very genuine, just a regular guy (who happens to be a super smart physicist rocket scientist type guy). Anyway, I don't believe everything He explained that day like Gospel but I believe quite a bit. I'm not sure the "quite a bit" I believe though will work for everyone because we all have different body types and we have different levels we commit to the game and to practice. Yada yada yada ...

One very interesting thing though that Mr. Pelz brought up, and I think he mentions it in his book the Putting Bible, is the truth about how often tour players make putts from different lengths on the greens. Through a lot of research, Dave Pelz discovered that of the 150 men on the PGA Tour, they average the following with putting:

95% of the time they make putts of 3 Feet (36 inches) or less.

50% of the time they make putts of 6 Feet (72 inches).

25% of the time they make putts of 12 Feet (144 inches).

So, I have two thoughts on this information to share with you.

#1. When PGA Tour Pro's get further from the hole, they miss a lot of putts too just like you so don't be so hard on yourself when you miss, and celebrate with a big old smile when you make them. This is supposed to be fun ... remember.

#2. I think one way to better putting is very obvious. LEARN TO CHIP BETTER! By chipping 9 feet closer (3 feet vs. 12 feet) your odds of making the putt could increase by 70% (95% vs. 25%).

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