Monday, January 25, 2010

History of the Golf Swing: Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods |

I'll refer to my post from January 8th in regards to this post and link to 's post showing Hogan's Swing, Nicklaus' Swing, Ballesteros' Swing, Faldo's Swing, and Tiger Woods' Swing. In my previous post I mentioned that there is no such thing as the perfect swing.

Take a look at these swings; as long as you have a straight club path to avoid unwanted side spin being imparted on the golf ball, a square clubface at impact to make the ball start flying where you want, creation of clubhead speed, and solid contact (not thin or fat), then the other idiosyncrasies of the swing matter not.

In terms of teaching the swing, if a golfer came up to me with anyone of these swings and asked for help because they were not hitting it solid or to their target, I would not try to change Nick Faldo to Swing like Ben Hogan or Nicklaus to swing like Faldo, I'd just like to get the swing tendencies that cause the improper ball contact modified. Results are what matter, and great results don't lie, consistently good shots can only come from a good swing.

History of the Golf Swing: Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods |

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