Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something baffling I saw at The PGA Merchandise Show

While moving towards the Hard Goods side of the PGA Merchandise Show, we stumbled upon Jamie Sadlowski hitting drives for High Definition Golf and Adams Golf at the HD Booth into one of their swing simulators. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a PGA Professional who loves to hit the long ball, but Jamie takes hitting long drives to a freakish other level. He is young at only 21 years old, suprisingly though not that big, less than 6' and 175 lbs I'd guess, but does appear to be pretty darn physically fit. We started watching him rip the ball while Art Sellinger critiqued his swing. I believe that Jamie utilizes just about every technique that a person can to create maximum clubhead speed. He completely loads his right hip, his backswing is as long as John Daly's, he gets a huge arc in his swing and enormous hinge of his hands ... rare to see both, and awesome lag to the clubhead hands and arms. Really amazing how he gets his clubhead moving so fast towards the target but is able to maintain balance by keeping his head and body behind the ball. Think about it, if your club swings to the target that fast and your body moves with it, you in effect will just fall forward, his balance is maintained and because of this he is able to swing as hard as he wants and hit 400 + yard drives. Take a look at or the side post of Jamie on the lower left part of my blog. Holy Schnikes!

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